Claudine O'Rourke


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Meet Claudine

Claudine made the big switch over 15 years ago from performing shows on Broadway to selling apartments on Broadway. She loves every part of the exciting New York real estate world, especially building and maintaining relationships with her clients. Whether it's teaching them how to navigate real market data or sharing tips derived from her multifaceted years of experience, Claudine's goal is to create an environment where her clients can ultimately make the best decision for themselves. Her expert negotiating skills and tech-savvy approach guarantee that her clients will get fast, value-based results, and her enthusiasm for customer service ensures they'll have the necessary tools to surface the most lucrative deals.

While early in her career she specialized in helping buyers navigate the tricky world of NYC co-op purchases a co-op whisperer if you will. Claudine also has five years of experience managing an entire real estate firm as head of sales. She now manages her own team at Compass.

Claudine loves creative, innovative marketing and her genuine people skills have proven to be her most effective weapon in sales. She also writes a real estate blog, Co-op on the Rocks, not only to channel her passion but also, to help others make sense of the complex world she has devoted her life to.

Work With Claudine

Want a no B--S-- agent who knows her stuff and is nice?? Yah, nice. I love my job and I calculate debt to income ratios in my sleep! Nobody knows a co-op better than me. If you want someone shrewd who uses her kindness as a weapon, then I’m your girl.